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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about your payment options.

Please visit our Payment FAQ Page.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

This is dependent on processing time, shipment time, and location. If you place your order before 3:00pm central time, it will most likely be processed and delivered to the Post Office the same day. If you place your order after 3:00pm, it will not be processed until the next business day. So if you order at 5:00pm on Friday, it will not be mailed out until the next business day.

After USPS has your package, it typically takes about 5-7 business days to be delivered if you selected standard shipping. Priority Mail is slightly faster, with an estimate of 3-5 days (2 days if you live close to Austin). However, USPS does not guarantee 2 day delivery with Priority Mail, so please keep that in mind.

If you place an order with Priority Mail, it does not change the time frame in which your payment is verified and your order is processed. We do not mail orders out over the weekend.

What are your products made of?

Our cleaners are all made with isobutyl nitrite, or a mixture of isobutyl nitrite and its isomers. Double Scorpio does not contain any isopropyl/propyl nitrite (which causes eye damage) or amyl/pentyl/isoamyl/isopentyl nitrite, which is illegal in the US.

What are the differences between your bottles?

The main difference between bottles is the scent. All of our products except for Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Holiday Blend are 100% isobutyl nitrite, but they have different scents added. If that sounds gross to you, our Sapphire and White Gold bottles are unscented.

Is there a store in my city that sells Double Scorpio?

This map shows the locations of stores that carry Double Scorpio.

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes we do! Contact us at for more information or send a message though the contact us page.

What’s the best way to store tape cleaner to keep it fresh longer?

There are three things that are bad for tape cleaner: sunlight, moisture, and warm temperatures. Keep the bottles out of direct sunlight, especially the green bottles. Keep the bottles in a refrigerator or freezer when you’re not using them but allow them to warm up to room temperature before opening the bottle. If the cleaner is cold it will pull in moisture from the air more quickly. The best way to avoid moisture buildup is to open the bottle as little as possible. You can maximize shelf life by transferring some cleaner to a smaller bottle each cleaning session. That way the main bottle only needs to be opened once.

What are those small balls inside the bottles?

Those balls are called molecular sieves. They absorb moisture to improve shelf life. They are similar to the silica beads you find in pill bottles and the pockets of new clothes.  Other brands will have similar beads that go by other names.  Moisture is a major factor for the shelf life of a bottle once opened.  These silica beads take care of that unwanted moisture.  

Is the shipping box discreet?

The return address on the stamp lists Double Scorpio as the company. Other than that, the box it unmarked. If you would like the package to be even more discreet, there is an option at checkout to have a discreet return address used on your shipping label.

Is Double Scorpio on social media?

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